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Plant Growth Regulators
& Spray-Pattern Indicators

High-quality plant growth regulators distributed by Shades of Green Turf Supply.

Our selection of plant growth regulators & spray pattern indicators ensures that you can choose the product that is right for your golf course or sports field’s needs.

For Golf Courses, sports turf, and lawn care professionals.

Delivered to Chicagoland, Chicago South Suburbs, Eastern Illinois, and Northwest Indiana.

Contact us for our full product list of plant growth regulators & spray pattern indicators.

Our current products include:

Plant Growth Regulators

Plant Growth Regulators Restricts Growth Of Product Features
Ethephon 2 SL: Listed turf and fruiting trees Labeled for nursery, landscape, turf, trees, and golf courses.
21.7% Ethephon Retards growth in turfgrass, eliminates mistletoe in ornamental trees.
T-NEX: Listed turf grasses Labeled for turf and golf courses. Manages growth, improves quality and stress tolerance.
12% Trinexapac-ethyl Used on warm and cool-season turf grasses and for edging.
Pac-Low Listed warm and cool-season Labeled for non-residential turfgrass. Reduces growth for up to two months after application
22.3% Paclobutrazol turf grasses and reduces mowing by up to 50% during period of growth reduction.

Spray-Pattern Indicators

Spray Patter Indicator Benefits Product Features
Foursome Plus Enhances and extends Labeled for turf and golf courses.
the appearance of turf A unique formulation pigment additive to enhance and extend
the aesthetic appearance of the turf site following a pesticide
application and for use as a spray pattern indicator.

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